About Marie Share
Marie Share grew up in Russia, in an exquisitely cultured family. From an early age she expressed deep interest in art and design. To follow her passion, Marie took private lessons with Nationally renowned Russian artists and designers, which imperatively enriched her knowledge and vision of both design and art. Marie continued her art education by pursuing the Interior Design training at the Rhode Island School of Design.

In addition to her extensive background in art and design, Marie obtained the Master's degree in Public Relations. This education contributed to defining her style as personable yet professional. Marie takes time to understand her clients' values and delivers highly customized solutions.

Diverse cultural and educational background greatly contribute and enhance Marie's art and an Interior Design work. Marie creates sensible unique designs while implementing creative techniques. Her elegant designs reflect each client's lifestyle, ideas and visions.
- 2013 Personal exhibition at Brahmin, Boston MA;
- 2012 "Art and Live Jazz" Felt, Boston MA;
- 2011 Personal exhibition at Splash, Boston, MA;
- 2008 "Midway Market" at Via Matta, Boston. MA;
- 2007 Art week, Boston, MA;
- 2007 " Me and Art", Beanstock, Boston, MA;
- 2007 "Art and Life Jazz", Vinalia, Boston, MA;
- 2006 -2010 Atmospheres Gallery, Boston, MA;
- 2002/2003 "Art around Us", Russia;
- 2002/2000 "Design and Us", Russia
Selected art exhibitions and design publications:
2016, Boston Magazine,
2021, Boston Magazin
February 2021, Boston Business Journal
Summer 2021 , At Home Cape Cod
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